My travel guide to Estonia - Part 3: Kihnu, Hiiumaa

Hiiumaa is an island in Estonia located north of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea. It is the northernmost island in the Muhu archipelago, which includes Saaremaa and Muhu. Hiiumaa has a low relief (up to 68 m above sea level) and is mostly formed of limestone, that is exposed in cliffs around parts of the islands coast.

Saaremaa to Hiiumaa - 2 ways to travel via bus, ferry

The ice road to Hiiumaa is the longest ice road in Estonia, with a total length of 26.5 kilometers across the sea. The ice roads are opened when the ice it at least 22 centimeters thick.

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I find Hiiumaa the most interesting by far :). In or near Saaremaa the only really interesting places are Kuressaare castle, the spa resorts and Muhu island. There is also the Panga pank ("Cliff of Cliffvile") and the meteorite crater of Kaali. But in general, Hiiumaa is …

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Saaremaa From the north of Hiiumaa, I took a bus to the south and then a ferry to cross the short distance to the northern part of Saaremaa, the biggest Estonian island. There, I stayed in Oitme near Leisi for a few nights, in a former cow barn in the middle of nowhere and exploring the surroundings by bike. A great place to relax!


Rome2rio has found 4 ways to get from Hiiumaa to Saaremaa by ferry, bus, car and flight. We recommend taking the ferry from Heltermaa sadam to Rohuküla sadam and then taking the bus from Virtsu sadam to Kuressaare, which takes around 6h 33m.

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The distance between Saaremaa and Hiiumaa is 54 km. How do I travel from Saaremaa to Hiiumaa without a car? The best way to get from Saaremaa to Hiiumaa without a car is to night bus and bus which takes 7h 20m and costs 9€ - 16€.

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Saaremaa or Sarema (both: sä`rĕmä), Swed. Ösel, Rus. Ezel, 1,048 sq mi (2,714 sq km), island off the mainland of Estonia, in the Baltic Sea, across the mouth of the Gulf of Riga. It is irregular in shape and has a level terrain. Dairy farming, stock raising, and fishing are the chief occupations.

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The distance between Hiiumaa and Saaremaa is 54 km. How do I travel from Hiiumaa to Saaremaa without a car? The best way to get from Hiiumaa to Saaremaa without a car is to bus which takes 7h 17m and costs 8€ - 19€.

Saaremaa to Hiiumaa - 2 ways to travel via bus, ferry

Timetable for Saaremaa Route. Departures with 50% higher vehicle ticket price are marked with light orange background (see pricelist). Departures with dangerous cargo onboard are marked with orange. Departures with animal cargo onboard are marked with green and on those departures please take into consideration specifics of live animal transportation.

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