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Gaunter ODimm sometimes called Master Mirror or Man of Glass, presents himself as a former merchant of mirrors, now a mangy vagrant. However, as one might suspect, he is a much more powerful individual, creating pacts with people in exchange for their souls and being able to control time with a

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Gaunter ODimm: Darkness is a neutral ranged combat gwent card in the Hearts of Stone expansion. This card will summon all the other Darkness cards if you have them in your deck and can also be summoned by the Gaunter ODimm card.

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Who or what is Gaunter ODimm? I dont know about anyone else but I didnt really like Heart of Stone dlc (compared to the base game and B&W) and found myself skipping most of the dialogue due to lack of interest. On my second playthrough now, and actively trying …

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Gaunter ODimm, known as Master Mirror or the Man of Glass, is a mysterious character found in White Orchards tavern during the Prologue of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He provides information about Yennefers whereabouts and mentions that before he became a self-identified mangy vagrant, the common folk called him the "Merchant of Mirrors".

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Gaunter znikąd pojawił się na statku i zaoferował Geraltowi pomoc w ucieczce, pod warunkiem, że wiedźmin będzie mu winien przysługę. Tamten zgadza się, po czym ODim umieszcza na jego twarzy znamię i przekazuje mu informacje, gdzie mają się spotkać, po czym znika.

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In Redania, some speculate that Gaunter ODimm, or Master Mirror, is an incomprehensibly powerful demon. Known demons Edit. In the novels: Two demons, one of which possessed a wolf and the other one a human. The first was destroyed by Geralt of Rivia …

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If you want to get the good ending, during the final quest (Whatsoever a Man Soweth) you will have to face Gaunter ODimm - Master Mirror.However, this time it wont be a sword duel, but a riddle instead. You must get to the end of the road in the time limit.

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Gaunter ODimm is a neutral siege gwent card in the Hearts of Stone expansion. You can win this card from Vivaldis acquaintance Hilbert during Open Sesame!. It summons every Gaunter ODimm: Darkness card from your deck to the field. Gaunter ODimm: Darkness cards can also summon each other but

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Gaunter O’Dimm taking Olgierd’s Soul. It is entirely possible that O’Dimm actually requires souls to survive; after all, he is the embodiment of humanity’s evil qualities, so it stands to reason that he can only exist as long as humans sin and thus feed his existence.